Fiddle 'n' Feet was Jamie Gans on fiddle and Tamara Loewenthal on feet. We were committed to presenting the very best in percussive dance and traditional music from North America and the Celtic countries. Sadly, Jamie passed away in January of 2023, after suffering for two and a half years from the debilitating effects of ALS. The confluence of the pandemic and Jamie's illness wreaked havoc on our artistic endeavors, but today, Tamara still endeavors to keep the traditions of square dancing, clogging, and Old Time music at the center of her life, as a way to honor Jamie's and her artistic partnership and legacy.

Tamara now plays fiddle with Ox on Fire, a stringband with local Bloomington roots. She also continues to call dances and can put together bands for any occasion. Additionally, Tamara started salsa dancing in 2016 and currently teaches Cuban salsa rueda for Ritmos Latinos Indiana. Please reach out to Tamara if you want to know more about any of these dance styles, of if you want to find a band for an event.



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February 2020:  We're in the midst of running two different grant-funded projects.  The first is a series of bi-monthly square dances that began in August 2019 and will run through June 2020, all with a caller and live music.  These take place at the Lotus Firebay, 105 S Rogers St in Bloomington.  Our previous bands have included the New Hoosier Broadcasters, Ox on Fire, and Brad Leftwich and the Humdingers.  Our most recent dance was called by Chet Gray.  Please come out for the next dance at 8:00 p.m. on April 3.

Our second project was funded through Indiana's Arts in the Park program.  We'll be teaching dance and doing concerts at McCormick's Creek in June and August.  Come out and enjoy this lovely park, hear some great music, and get yourself up and moving to the beat.  See our event page for specific information.


And of course, please email us for more information, or just to say hi. We love to hear from you.




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